Social Environment
1)  Government Policy and Service
Scientific government policies are conducive to the development of industrial system, while pragmatic government services can help build up an efficient and transparent administrative environment as well as a good business environment. The management committee of the Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Area has adhered to the principle of building a service-oriented government and effectively improved service quality, which has helped create an efficient service platform for investors.

The management committee of HSEDA has worked out a series of supportive policies to the emerging industries, modern service industry etc.Meantime, the authority has built up the comprehensive service platform to meet the requirement of the companies in the area.

2)  Business Cooperation Environment
A sound business environment is the prerequisite for business investment, talent accumulation and enhancement of the development potential, and is also one of the key indicators of measuring regional competitiveness. Keeping a foothold in Zhejiang Province and integrating into the Yangtze River Delta, Shangyu District ranked among China's top 10 prosperous better-off counties/cities of 2013 according to Forbes, dueto its unique geographic advantage, reasonable industrial layout and excellent business cooperation environment:
* Solid Industrial Foundation:
* Diversified Industrial Development System
* Financial and Other Supporting Service Organization

* Fertile Ground for Scientific Research